Heidi O. Profile Thumb

Heidi O.

3 days ago

I love how everyone is so friendly and caring to our community, We all respecy our privacy and value our property. In my building specifically we havr all become really good friends

Francesca G. Profile Thumb

Francesca G.

3 days ago

This is my first year living at Cabana and I love the location and the 2 bus stops available to us. I like how the office also has events for residents too!

Jenitta K. Profile Thumb

Jenitta K.

11 days ago

so far everything has been going well other than the printer being broken all the time. The service requests was completed quickly after submitting the request.

Brayden S. Profile Thumb

Brayden S.

14 days ago

This place is pretty nice I’m not gonna lie. Like the pool for example is a very nice area and our view is beautiful. The appliances are very old and unusable however, our washer is messed up and our dish washer is digusting. Our sinks are gross as well

Noe M. Profile Thumb

Noe M.

14 days ago

I love the cabana beach apartment that I have. It’s very spacious and very quiet place. Also the gym is far more than what I expected and love the pool.

Jasmin G. Profile Thumb

Jasmin G.

15 days ago

I love cabana beach! The employees are very helpful and friendly! I love all of the events cabana beach host at the leasing office. This is a beautiful place to live at!

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