Maggie Profile Thumb


4 days ago

The rooms are fine. Maintenance takes forever, it’s sometimes better to fix things yourself. The floors here are also kind of thin so if your not on the top floor you can hear everything above you.

Gustavo Profile Thumb


5 days ago

Love this apartment complex! Very relaxing place and I’ve been living here for 2 years and the bedrooms are beautiful, roomates very kind and easy to handle

Allison Profile Thumb


5 days ago

I've enjoyed my stay here quite a bit. The apartments are nice and I always receive quick responses on any maintenance requests I file. Thanks :)

Elaine Profile Thumb


5 days ago

The apartments are nice, community is good. Maintenance will eventually get your work order completed. The quarterly inspections are kind of annoying. Overall, a nice place to live.

Collin Profile Thumb


6 days ago

people don’t pick up after their dogs, neighbors leave trash in the halls outside all the time. very frustrating when it stinks everywhere outside of my house because of dirty neighbors

Lloyd Profile Thumb


6 days ago

really good place to live. Not a lot of noise and is maintained very well. They do a good job at making sure all their residents are being taken care of

Lyndsey Profile Thumb


6 days ago

It’s always super loud and no one seems to care about what the complex looks like. there is dog poop and trash everywhere and there is no where to park. The people who live here invade your privacy and don’t care how late it is.

Keith Katelin Profile Thumb

Keith Katelin

6 days ago

i love the amenities, the staff are very nice and helpful, the room is very nice, along with the bathroom. i love how the parking is very accessible.

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