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Cabana Beach San Marcos

1250 Sadler Dr. San Marcos, TX 78666


Danielle M. Profile Thumb

Danielle M.

4 hours ago

The Community is nice and caring and everyone I see is friendly and respectful. The staff is very kind and always supplies the community if there is a problem.

Juan H. Profile Thumb

Juan H.

1 day ago

The apartment comes with everything you need and its great for the price. Only downside that I see is how far it is from campus and as somebody that doesnt have a car it can be a little trouble but its managable.

amy3*@*.edu Profile Thumb


9 days ago

Office staff is always friendly and quick to help, maintenance comes to fix anything! Neighbors and community don’t make much noise and keep the areas clean :)

Thank you so much for your review! We are constantly working to improve, so we are beyond glad that our staff has been of such great service to you! Definitely let us know if you need anything throughout your stay with us :) -CB Staff

Liliana P. Profile Thumb

Liliana P.

18 days ago

Good gym & great communication. I love the newsrooms because some have a little hallway, which gives you plenty of space & the desk has also a lot of room to place books and decorate at your taste!

Thank you so much for your review, Liliana! Just wait until the renovations are done on the gym!! We are so excited! We love that you are enjoying your space in the apartment, and would love to see how you made it your own if you want to send pictures to - definitely let us know if you need anything throughout your stay with us! - CB Staff

George G. Profile Thumb

George G.

23 days ago

Love the apartment complex I live in the people are so nice the amenities are great and I can always call this place my own paradise, stayed here for 3 years

Alexandra B. Profile Thumb

Alexandra B.

23 days ago

Its a great place to live with a lot of great and and good staff who is always ready to help. Everything you need is conveniently close so you don't have to walk very far.

Shali N. Profile Thumb

Shali N.

24 days ago

Any issue I've had with cabana beach has been resolved almost immediately. They have wonderful maintenence and the staff is absolutely incredible! I have resigned twice and if I wasn't graduating I would resign again!

Brad L. Profile Thumb

Brad L.

28 days ago

The community is great and it is very quiet for the most part. I do wish the pool would be open 24 hours though. For the most part, the area is normally clean and trash free.

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