Cabana Beach - San Marcos

1250 Sadler Dr. San Marcos, TX 78666


Shali N. Profile Thumb

Shali N.

6 hours ago

I have been living at cabana beach for the last year and a half and any problem that I may have had has been solved. I have never met friendlier and more helpful staff than at cabana beach! The amenities are great and the new renovations are beautiful! I love living here at cabana beach!

Sabrina A. Profile Thumb

Sabrina A.

15 hours ago

The staff here are so accommodating and quick to resolve any issues you may be having. The environment is very welcoming and perfect for college students

fred*@*.com Profile Thumb


2 days ago

Bus route is very convenient. Try to find roommates before hand. It’s better to live with people you know and tend to bond with than a stranger.

Samantha A. Profile Thumb

Samantha A.

2 days ago

Amazing the staff was super friendly and the check in process went super smooth. Other residents seem very nice and I can’t wait to take part in this community

Christian V. Profile Thumb

Christian V.

3 days ago

Awesome! Great attitude from the staff. Very attentive to detail and very helpful. Communication and resourcefulness of everyone at the front office is amazing.

Eleanor S. Profile Thumb

Eleanor S.

4 days ago

nice place u got here. why does this have to be such a long review. i love cb but not like that. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground.

Craig C. Profile Thumb

Craig C.

4 days ago

cabana beach (san marcos) is one of the nicest apartments i found, everyone was really nice walking in for the first time and they helped us sign quick and efficiently

Sneha P. Profile Thumb

Sneha P.

5 days ago

The community has vastly improved since I first moved in. Staff is friendly and receptive to complaints & issues. Overall, great community !