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Cabana Beach San Marcos

1250 Sadler Dr. San Marcos, TX 78666


Avery P. Profile Thumb

Avery P.

1 hour ago

I absolutely love living here ! It’s a beautiful area all around and I really enjoy the sand volleyball available to everyone. The front staff is also extremely friendly !

Carl P. Profile Thumb

Carl P.

10 hours ago

The apartments are very comfortable. They make me feel at home. I actually like staying here more than going back home! Even though sometimes your rent prices are outrageous It’s kinda worth it.

Alexandria R. Profile Thumb

Alexandria R.

10 hours ago

My community is so nice and proactive and time I have a maintenance issue. They are on top of it all with communications and the community and very nice.

Madeline M. Profile Thumb

Madeline M.

4 days ago

Very comfortable and easy going community. Sometimes it’s difficult to get information quickly from the staff. But overall, I’ve had a good experience so far.

Emmalee L. Profile Thumb

Emmalee L.

4 days ago

Someone tried to sell me some very appetizing but expensive cheesecake. Her sticky note tore and the glue is stuck to my door now 🙃 whoever you were thank you for the delicious Instagram page

Lin T. Profile Thumb

Lin T.

4 days ago

It is nice living here, however here are the pros and cons of living here: Pros: - Kitchen size is good - Bedroom size is good - Bathroom water pressure is good - Comes furnished Cons: - Utility bill ranges to around $20 - $80 - Thin walls/ceilings (can hear everything)

Falilat O. Profile Thumb

Falilat O.

4 days ago

Living at cabana has been okay. I just wish the WiFi was better because I can barely get homework done even though I have a router. I have to go to my friends place to do these stuff

Kyra H. Profile Thumb

Kyra H.

6 days ago

I have had a pretty good experience, this is my second year living here. Super friendly staff, decent parking, and nice space. Before covid hit I really enjoyed going to the gym and pool, but for now I’m avoiding going anywhere I don’t need to.

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